Monday, May 27, 2013

First Tool: IDFinder v1.0 Released Soon!

The first tool is almost done! The code is done but I need to figure out how I get it to work on 32-bit computers. (Yeah, it's 64-bit software) The tool is called IDFinder v1.0 for MC 1.5.2. If you execute the file, it will pop up a neat little window where you can choose different things from a menu. You can search an ID by inserting the name of an item/block or the other way around, or you could just show the complete list of IDs on the screen. No internet connection required! Are you one of those guys that uses a lot of command, like /give, but you always have to look up an ID on the internet? Then this is the tool for you! Stay tuned as I will release it pretty soon!

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